Schwartz House

Pierre Koenig‘s Schwartz House was built in 1994 and it was the first time it was sold on the market. The historic Santa Monica Residence is a life-long project of a case study architect that will be completed during his lifetime and celebrates materials and nature. The steel and glass structure is suspended by four black steel columns to minimize damage to the site. Covered with galvanized aluminum and frosted glass, its living space has been rotated 30 degrees to take full advantage of the southern sun. The entire glass wall creates a bright and airy living space and forms a frame in the sight of the surrounding trees. This 2,380 square foot internal space offers three bedrooms and has been carefully refurbished with modern appliances and polished hardwood floors, while the suites provide extra space for a gym, studio, or office. Click here for more details about the Schwartz House.


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