Burnside Tokyo

Burnside Tokyo is located above the Family Mart in Harajuku. It is a casual cafe during the day and a relaxing lounge at night. Snøhetta worked with the chef collective Ghetto Gastro in the Bronx, local studio Kooo Architects, and art and design agency En One Tokyo to design an innovative culinary space. The open kitchen concept combines elements of wine cellar and bar and has a shadow-like atmosphere with amber accents that reflect incident light. The flower sculpture designed by Makoto Azuma titled Block Flowers pops up against a monochrome background, while the sound system designed by Devon Turnbull is spread throughout the space. The private restaurant can only accommodate 30 people, with a custom-designed family-style dining table, designed to accommodate the rotation of new chefs starting from Ghetto Gastro. Click here for more details about the Burnside Tokyo.


2022 Nissan Frontier Truck


ARKONIK TETON D110 Land Rover Defender