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Genesis EV Concept X

The pandemic may kill another year’s highly anticipated auto show, but this is not to say that automakers have been idle time. On the contrary, as you can find from Genesis’s latest concepts, they have been working hard, and they are unwilling to let their efforts remain unmoved.

The eye-catching car you saw earlier is called Concept X and it is essentially a preview of Genesis‘s upcoming EV design language. In the front, you will find a huge shield-shaped coronal grille, which is by far the most prominent version on the vehicle. More importantly, its two-line headlights with brand trademarks extend beyond the fenders and extend to the wheel arches. On the side, it flows like a traditional GT, with a long hood and a shorter rear end. When it comes to the interior, Genesis ensures that the cockpit can match the beautiful body of the Concept X. Therefore, in addition to the floating free-form display console, it is also equipped with Crystal Sphere electronic shift lever, bucket seat, and four-point seat belt to better meet the driver’s driving needs. Although there is no performance information yet, you can click here to learn more.


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