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Alphavan Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

From DIY projects to conversion to off-the-shelf builds (and everything in between), there are many ways to get you into a sturdy adventure car. However, if you don’t know the meaning of the word compromise, you might be interested in the high-end, high-quality options offered by Alphavan ’s brave Germans.

As the proud recipient of the 2021 Red Dot Design Award and 2021 iF Design Award, Alphavan is trying to bridge the gap between comfort and explorativeness — and doing so in amazing ways. Each version starts with an already impressive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van and then undergoes a full overhaul to transform it into the ultimate premium adventure van-including the addition of custom diamond-shaped quilted seats, from beginning to end. Ornate cabinets at the rear, Dometic refrigerator in the kitchenette with kitchen, integrated electronics (and dedicated space for smart TV), complete wet bathroom, spacious bedroom area, modular storage space at the rear (which can also be turned into additional sleeping space), and many more. Even better, it manages all of this while keeping the internal weight 50% lighter than the competition. However, with the huge luxury goods comes a potentially daunting price tag: Alphavan ‘s products start at $183,000. Click here for more details about this van.


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