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Ducati Diavel AKIRA Motorcycle Concept

Originally debuting as a manga in 1982, Akira is a legendary Japanese franchise that has spawned a countless movie and video game features. Created by Katsuhiro Otomo, the Akira series is certainly best known for the futuristic motorcycle driven by its main character, Kaneda. While the Akira motorcycle continues to inspire a range of designs, few examples can be found as impressive as Shanghai-based concept artist James Qiu‘s Ducati-based build.


Built around Ducati‘s Diavel cruiser model, Qiu‘s Akira uses the Italian donor’s lattice frame and L-Twin engine. The first was built with an additional frame to support the driver’s back, while the other received a set of turbocharger boosts. Blowing out the fumes from dual Termignoni mufflers attached to blued titanium heads, this project also features an array of carbon fiber elements, a single-sided swingarm, and an 80s-inspired neo-retro display setup.

In addition to having a lot of Ducati signature design elements, Qiu‘s Akira also incorporates many of the key features of Kaneda’s original bike, such as large front air intakes and oversized Pirelli P-ZERO tires. In its design, the headlight is placed on the front wheel and a series of hub-mounted LEDs provide additional illumination.

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Overall, Qiu has done an outstanding job with this Ducati-based Akira motorcycle work. It has been made even more impressive with the meticulous level of detail created in its design. Although she is not officially affiliated with this project, if you want to see other work by Qiu, click here.


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