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Van der Waals Ferrofluid Speaker

The fact that you can find speakers almost anywhere when you want to buy is actually a double-edged sword. On the one hand, there are many reputable, high-quality options to choose from, and on the other hand, you may encounter a huge amount of mediocre products. The speaker space is incredibly competitive, especially if that space includes audio giants like Bang & Olufsen, Sony, and Sennheiser. Fortunately, the Van der Waals initiative, which emerged from all this confusion, enabled us to reach the conclusion directly without confusing our minds with a cooler speaker.

Yes, it’s rocket science!

Van der Waals‘ loudspeaker aims to create the ultimate audio-visual experience by delivering premium sound quality while also using a display with a ferrofluid visualizer. For those unfamiliar with ferromagnetic fluid, let’s explain. This fluid is a substance developed by NASA and used in rockets to control fuel in zero gravity conditions.

Ferromagnetic fluid is known as a non-Newtonian fluid. So when shaken it doesn’t behave like a normal liquid. It is essentially both solid and liquid at the same time. Therefore, when you vibrate it, for example, with sound waves from a speaker, the ferrofluid changes its shape according to the vibrations. The result is a three-dimensional visual experience that makes it look like a pitch-black flubber is dancing to your music. A series of LED speaker lights also lend support to the visual festivity, which creates a perfect contrasting backdrop for the ferrofluid to dance in the Van der Waals speaker.

Catch it on Kickstarter

Besides the striking appearance of the ferrofluid, the speaker itself has a rounded, modern design. So even when you are not actively using the speaker, it can still serve as a nice design. This speaker from Van der Waals has tempered glass and anodized aluminum construction. It’s not yet available for sale worldwide, but if you act fast, you can have one of the 500 units available for $349 on Kickstarter. Click here for detailed information.

Van der Waals Speaker & Orchestra

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