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Segway Engine Speaker

Most electric motorcycles, scooters, or bicycles are powered by a battery, allowing you to have a quiet ride. Of course, many accidents may occur due to this lack of sound. While there are difficulties in detecting these vehicles in traffic even under normal conditions, when silence is added to invisibility, they can really embrace danger. Developed to prevent this deadly danger, the new Segway Engine Speaker wants to increase your visibility in traffic by realistically imitating engine sounds!

The engine sound simulation system Segway Engine Speaker can simulate realistic engine roar based on the vehicle’s accelerator pedal, brake, speed, and other signals. By reproducing the sounds of 5 different engine types such as single-cylinder, two-cylinder, V8, and V12, you can announce to the world that you are moving in traffic, and make everyone notice you. Click here if you want more information. Do not miss watching the video below.

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