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Honbike Foldable E-Bike

The Honbike is a functional folding electric city bike powered by a shaft drive system. This multi-award-winning electric bike is powered by a 250W motor in the front hub. It has an Intelligent Uphill System that automatically adjusts the transmission according to the steepness of the slope. Thanks to this technology, you will immediately realize how easy it is for you to go uphill. The steeper the slope, the greater the aid.

Also featuring Smart Safety Response technology, if the Honbike leans more than 30 degrees to the right or left while in use, the engine automatically disengages to reduce speed and help you regain control. The Honbike electric bike has a range of 24.8 miles (40km)—a sufficient amount for city use. Accompanying you throughout your ride, the control system with an LCD screen automatically adjusts itself to maintain visibility in different brightness conditions, thanks to the ambient light sensor. In addition to this stylish design and great technology, the fact that it is a foldable bike proves that it is perfect for crowded cities and small houses. If you want to own a Honbike electric bike, which continues its successful campaign on Indiegogo, you need to be quick. Click here if you want more information. Do not miss watching the video below.

Meet Honbike HF01- 4 TOP Design Award Winner - Foldable & Chainless eBike

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