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ZipCharge Go Portable EV Charging Station

Due to the dangers of climate change, automakers are now supporting electric vehicle lines more than ever before. While the EV-centric paradigm shift is undoubtedly better for the planet, there are many barriers to the full adoption of EVs, such as accessibility and scarcity of charging points. Fortunately, ZipCharge has introduced the ZipCharge Go, a groundbreaking portable charger that aims to make owning an EV easier for everyone.

One of the biggest obstacles preventing people from adopting EVs is the lack of charging options. About 40% of households are unable to charge at home because they do not have or rent off-street parking spaces. This lack of accessibility leaves people with only one choice: public pricing, which is both cumbersome and expensive. With this disparity in mind, the folks at ZipCharge have created a portable power bank that can be carried near your car. The ZipCharge Go is a suitcase-sized portable EV power bank. In fact, much like a rolling suitcase, the ZipCharge Go has wheels for easy transport and can be charged from any electrical outlet. Depending on the capacity of the Go and the vehicle, the ZipCharge Go can provide your EV with a range of up to 40 miles. You may not be able to drive long distances with this, but you will certainly be able to handle the daily commute. That was the goal ZipCharge had when designing the power bank. Fast charging can fully charge your EV in about 30-60 minutes. In addition, it can be plugged into any hybrid vehicle or EV with a standard Type 2 plug.

As if those features weren’t enticing enough, you can check out the ZipCharge Go via the Go app, which automatically schedules to charge your car at the lowest cost and provides status updates. No release date has yet been given for ZipCharge, Go, but it is said to offer options such as purchase or rental with monthly fees. Click here for detailed information.

ZipCharge | Launch Video

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