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Antelife Perfect Heated Gloves

Every individual has various prerequisites for the temperature of gloves in view of their various constitutions, yet normal heated gloves just help 3-4 heat settings.

Wearing ordinarily warmed gloves regularly cause individuals to feel that either the temperature isn’t adequately warm or excessively hot, and they can never appropriately make you more agreeable while getting warm.

Antelife can be more exact to meet your various requirements for the hotness given by the gloves in various situations. You can change the ideal temperature whenever as per your necessities to make your colder time of year life more comfortable!

Heat On Your Demand

Antelife is the world’s first keen heated gloves with an unequivocally flexible heat setting, which can furnish a lot more extravagant experience contrasted and other heated gloves.

The standard warmed gloves just help 3-4 degrees of temperature change, while Antelife can uphold 40-65℃ (104°F-149°F) exact temperature change.

You can change the temperature to your most agreeable state as per the requirements of various life situations.

3X Faster To Reach Optimal Heat

Antelife Heated Gloves use carbon fiber warming components to produce and trap heat across center body regions, Using a carbon fiber radiator with 3X quicker the exhibition, which can warm the gloves to 65°C (149°F) in 15s.

Constant Warmth and Even Heating

Antelife has an implicit wise temperature control chip and a temperature sensor, which can identify the temperature in the gloves continuously and insightfully control the current and voltage yield to accomplish the consistent temperature state in the gloves.

The warming center offers benefits with warming with outrageous sturdiness and gives better life over contending items. The adaptable warming wire on top of the fingers and thumb and on the rear of the hand and miniature stringing is so slender it is practically imperceptible to the touch conveying the first in class solace.

Up To 7 Hours of Battery Life

Utilizing the most recent innovation the Antelife highlights brilliant center-warming innovation and battery-powered 7.4V lithium-particle batteries the gloves are intended to convey heat for as long as 7 hours! Thin battery-powered li-particle battery packs slip into pockets in the wrist of the gloves.

(Launch In Oct)Antelife G1- The World's First Precisely Adjustable Heated Gloves

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