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Off-Road Bugatti Divo Bolide Concepts By Yasid Design

Based in London, Yasid Oozeear is an automotive designer and concept artist with a long history of transforming iconic car models into subversive concepts (from slamming muscle cars to tuner-style supercars). But in Yasid‘s latest renderings, it is found that Bugatti ‘s two latest and greatest supercars have become rally-ready off-road vehicles.

Starting with France’s top-notch active rail weapons-Bolide and Divo, four turbocharged 8.0L W16 powered vehicles now have flared or cut-out wheel arches, lifting kits, and off-road wheels and tires. In addition to increasing the rear tire frame, this is more or less the degree of Bolide‘s transformation, although the off-road Divo concept car is also equipped with a set of auxiliary lighting devices, the air intake of the vibrator car is blown from the cylinder above the sixteen rods. The engine, and a series of collision protection devices, including a huge front collision bar and anti-skid plates. Although these rendering projects are impossible to achieve, but Yasid‘s Bugatti off-road vehicle is still excellent design work. To view either of these two vehicles, please visit the Yasid Design Instagram page.


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