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Mercedes-Benz MBUX Hyperscreen

After previewing its EV plan with the Vision EQS concept car in September 2019, Mercedes-Benz announced in the second half of last year that the product lineup will be launched in 2022. Although we can’t wait to see how the luxury electric car will look in its final form, at least the German automaker is taking pictures along the way.

With the release of the upcoming EQS sedan MBUX Hyperscreen, Mercedes-Benz takes infotainment to a whole new level. The span between the left and right is more than 56 inches, almost filling the entire width of the car’s cab. It is not just a conspicuous display. With an eight-core CPU and 24GB RAM, it is expected to achieve fast and super performance. But the best part is that thanks to its AI system and machine learning capabilities, it can even adapt to its users and provide personalized recommendations on when to use the features. In practice, this means that it can perform everything from activating the heated seat to adjusting the car’s ride height, and these are just a few of its many possible functions. Visit the Mercedes-Benz website for more details about MBUX Hyperscreen.

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