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NightWatch Magnifying Apple Watch Dock

Apple Watches are packed with features, but they mostly take up space on the nightstand while charging. The NightWatch Magnifying Apple Watch Dock adds another layer of functionality by turning a still watch into an alarm clock. Made from a single piece of solid lucite, your watch sits perfectly behind the domed base. The curved design enlarges the dial of the watch, making it look like a bedside clock.

The patented touch function allows you to wake your watch with a single touch while it is docked, and the built-in audio channels amplify the alarm sound to help you start your day on time. Your existing Apple Watch magnetic charging cable fits neatly into its specially designed slot, so it starts charging automatically after you place your watch in the slot. So you won’t waste time looking for your cable behind the nightstand.

Collectors will appreciate that the NightWatch design is based on a collector’s item called the “eye of time”. Click here for more detailed information.

NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock for Apple Watch
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