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Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1 Concept

Mopeds were once an immensely popular mode of transportation touted for their incredibly economical and utilitarian nature. These small vehicles have started to lose their popularity when scooters have started to take their place in recent years. But the Doehmers Research Lab in Sweden has unveiled this all-modern electric moped concept, the TD-MP1, demonstrating how cutting-edge electric vehicles can do wonders with retro designs.

Dubbed the “Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1”, this concept was designed by Torkel Dohmers and has been described as a “modern answer to the iconic Honda SS50”. Combining vintage and contemporary visual themes, the TD-MP1 is built around a monocoque chassis that uses the battery compartment as an accent element. A modern swingarm design is paired with a vintage dual rear shock absorber setup, capped by a taillight arrangement of LED-backlit vertical acrylic slats. On the front of the Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1, where a ribbed yellow leather seat is preferred, we see a transparent quarter cowl style windscreen and clip-on handlebars protruding from the moped’s “wooden tank”.

A recess has been added so you can place your smartphone instead of using a digital display or traditional gauges. Mounted on slender wheels with aero disc covers front and rear, the bike also features direct wishbone-mounted rear gear, a 3D-printed metal signature emblem, disc brakes, and a small battery status display.

So far, the Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1 has only been processed in digital media. However, Doehmers is trying to persuade investors and we can say that this electric moped concept has a real chance to go into production in the near future. We can only see this over time. If you want to know more about the Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1, click here.


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