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EROYbikes Arc Nemesis and Arc Hero

Whether for regular commuting or touring use, lightweight electric motorcycles and e-bikes are currently the ideal choices. Acknowledging this, North Carolina-based start-up EROYbikes set out to design the ultimate solution to urban mobility with an all-new pair of e-bikes.

Called the Arc Hero and Arc Nemesis, both models are built around a CNC-machined monocoque chassis from aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum, with wheels using a KKE BF-34 dual air fork and 20” Kenda tires with mono-shock.

Other notable elements found on both pedal bikes include the Tektro Dorado 4P brake setup, full-color display, custom swing design, MTB-style handlebars fixed to the Lift stem, and a minimalist set of mixer-style seats.

Maximum mobility

Weighing around 80lbs (36kg), the Arc Nemesis is powered by a 750-watt in-hub motor connected to a 48V battery. It provides a range of up to 40miles (65km) and a top speed of 25mph (40km/h), with a recharge time of 6 hours. Beating the scales at 95lbs (43kg), the higher-end Arc Hero carries a 2,000-watt hub motor powered by a 60V Samsung battery pack. Thus, it has the necessary equipment for a maximum speed of 40mph (65km/h) and a range of 45miles (73km).

Pre-order now

You can pre-order the EROYbikes Arc Nemesis and Arc Hero, which are scheduled to be released in Q2 2022, with price tags set at $3,500 and $4,750 respectively. Besides standard production bikes, EROYbikes also allows you to request custom bikes that allow for a wide range of customization options. If you want to learn more about Arc Hero and Arc Nemesis, click here.


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