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Invoxia Smart Dog Collar

Invoxia has been helping customers track their valuables with a range of tracking devices for the past 10 years. Now, they are using this technology and experience to protect what people love most: their pets. This smart dog collar uses GPS technology to help you reach your furry friend as quickly as possible if they are lost, stolen, or run away. When you activate the lost mode, the location tracking feature of the smart collar increases its power so that you and your friend can be reunited even faster.

Invoxia smart dog collar can track your dog’s health as well as location. Equipped with built-in sensors to provide a complete overview of your friend’s health by monitoring their vital status, activity level, and sleep quality. An app has also been developed so you can share this information with a veterinarian to identify potential health issues. Introduced at CES 2022, the Invoxia Smart Dog Collar is scheduled to go on sale this summer. Click here if you want more information.


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