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PORTL M Hologram

From extraordinary electric vehicle concepts to premium televisions, CES has a lot to offer this year. PORTL, a Los Angeles-based startup looking for a different path amongst countless technological advancements, has caught our radar with a product, unlike anything we’ve come across (at least in the real world). Although large-scale holographic devices have been on the market since the launch of the brand, PORTL M aims to bring this unique experience into our homes as “the world’s first desktop holographic communication and media device”.

Described as your “your metaverse window”, the compact hologram generator seems to offer much more than that. It offers the opportunity to legally shop for tangible products, indulge in lifelike entertainment, optimize telehealth meetings, provide you with a personal trainer, and communicate with loved ones. Not surprisingly, PORTL‘s new device; has an impressive array of technological features, including an AI-powered smart camera, fabric-covered integrated speakers, and of course a front and center multi-touch holographic display. You can use PORTL M Hologram in portrait or landscape view by rotating it according to your needs.

The future doesn’t seem as far away as it once was, thanks to devices like this, and it’s even possible to say we’re already living that future. The PORTL M is currently available to pre-order on the brand’s website for a $100 deposit. With Nimbus White or Dark Matter color options, you can choose according to your decoration style in your home.

The Model-M, Proto’s mini hologram communication and media device. Reserve at

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