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Toyota GR GT3 Concept

Representing Toyota‘s own motorsport brand, Gazoo Racing has a long and illustrious history of turning stock production models into high-performance racing guns. However, with steps towards an all-electric future and Toyota’s current lack of a track-focused electric vehicle, the team at Gazoo Racing was given permission to develop an ultra-high-performance GT3 Class concept from scratch.

Developed for the FIA‘s Cup Grand Touring Cars Series (better known as the “GT3 Class”), the GR GT3 Concept is an advanced hybrid powertrain under the hood with a pair of exhaust pipes positioned just behind the front wheels, possibly hinting at an internal combustion engine. uses. This two-door touring racer features an ultra-stylish body design with large vented fenders.

The GR GT3 Concept is complemented by a cutting-edge aero package with a massive downforce-producing rear wing, a distinctive boxed rear diffuser setup, and sharp front splitters. Unveiled at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, the concept also features a minimalist matte black finish, LED lighting all around, and ten-spoke wheels with central locking hubs with Bridgestone racing tires.

Although Toyota has no plans to put the GR GT3 Concept into production, it is certain that the latest systems and technologies developed for the concept will have a significant impact on the planning of other vehicles’ production. The finished prototype of the GR GT3 is expected to be completed by the end of the year. We’re also not wondering if this project will result in Toyota‘s effort to produce a full-fledged GT3-class race car, but time will tell. If you want more detailed information, you can click here.


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