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Briiv Natural Air Filter

Winner of the prestigious Red Dot award, Briiv is here with the world’s most sustainable and recyclable air purifier. This unique eco-friendly air filter uses natural resources to clean indoor air and brings natural air filtration system to your home. Using natural materials such as moss, coconut, carbon, and wool to filter the air, Briiv creates clean and safe air so that you can breathe as nature intended. This device, which you can use as a stylish design product for your home as well as its functionality, also has an application. In this way, you can set various timers for your air filter, monitor your filter usage while you are working, and turn it on and off remotely.

It contains seaweed, a coconut, and 4 filters that will last you a year. Environmentalist Briiv‘s filters do not contain plastic and in a few months, they turn into soil silently without harming the environment. It is an undeniable fact that the air quality is getting worse day by day, especially for those living in city centers. When this is the case, the use of air filters in our homes has already become the new normal. In this case, both stylish and environmentally friendly products will definitely be preferred more.

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briiv, Unlock the power of plants

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