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eBike Concept By Walt Siegl Motorcycles

Walt Siegl Motorcycles has previously released its first all-electric customized bike series for the first time. The bike is based on the Alta Redshift, “PACT”, and now takes off its second in the form of an unnamed EV WSM concept bike. The cover of a project driven by protons.

The concept is similar to a modern board race bike, built around a small-diameter Chromoly tube chassis, reinforced with steel in critical stress areas, carbon fiber veneer and thin aluminum body parts secured by quick-release DZUS fasteners. Powering the WSM concept is a customized powertrain, including off-the-shelf parts and a 3,000W electric motor for Chinese off-road electric vehicles, Sur-Ron, a sine wave controller programmed by Walt Siegl Motorcycles, and a 65V Panasonic battery pack. Other interesting details include the carbon fiber seat plate covered with the Alcantara saddle, the shortened DNM fork and the upgraded internal components, which are now inserted into the custom WSM triad, DNM shock absorber, custom aluminum swing arm, 19-inch Segway Wheels, Segway meters, LSL clip-on and Luna Cycle parts wiring harness. The heavy use of the lightweight electric bike also allows the WSM concept to reduce the weight of the scale to around 100 pounds-an impressive number, especially when you consider the weight of the battery pack. Click here for more details about the eBike Concept by Walt Siegl Motorcycles


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