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Super73 RSD Malibu RX eBike

Renowned custom motorcycle manufacturer Roland Sands teamed up with the Super73 for this cool vehicle that offers the look and feel of a motorcycle with the high-tech and operational power of a cutting-edge electric bike. Super73 RSD Malibu RX eBike offers the most powerful street riding experience with its technologically designed frame and double suspension design. Equipped with adjustable front and rear suspension with preload, compression, and rebound settings, and an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame and swingarm, it allows drivers to tailor the system to their desired driving style.

A 960-watt-hour battery and a 2000-watt brushless DC hub motor were chosen to move this beast. Thus, the Super73 RSD Malibu RX eBike, which can reach a maximum speed of 20mph (32 kph) and a range of 40 miles (64 km) without pedal support, can offer a range of up to 75 miles (120 km) in pedal-assisted mode. You can charge this electric bike, which offers four levels of pedal support as Eco, Tour, Sport, and Super, in about 5-6 hours at a standard socket. You can access your driving data via a mobile application and plan your trip according to this data. For more information on the Super73 RSD Malibu RX eBike, click here. Do not miss watching the video below.

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