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Super73-C1X Electric Motorcycle: A Stylish Leap into Two-Wheeled Electric Freedom

Super73, the trailblazing electric bicycle brand, is venturing into new territory with the Super73-C1X Electric Motorcycle. Departing from conventional designs, the C1X is a sleek and nimble naked electric motorcycle designed for riders of all levels, ensuring compliance with regional regulations.

Key Features and Design:

Compact and agile, the C1X boasts a 31-inch seat height and 15-inch wheels, with a targeted weight of under 300 lbs (136 kg) for easy handling. The bike features a chain final drive, adding a dynamic touch to its overall design. Its mid-mounted motor, with undisclosed power output, propels the motorcycle to a top speed exceeding 85 mph (137 km/h), promising an exhilarating ride.

Impressive Range and Fast Charging:

Super73 claims an impressive 100-mile range for the standard model, and an extended-range variant surpassing 150 miles. The inclusion of regenerative braking and a 10%-80% fast charge time of just 15 minutes positions the C1X as a convenient and eco-friendly choice for urban commuting.

Stylish Illumination and Safety Features:

Equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and an LED headlamp, the C1X ensures visibility and safety on the road. The innovative features, combined with disc brakes both front and rear, make for a comprehensive safety package.

Reservation Details:

Enthusiasts can secure their spot in line by placing a $73 refundable deposit for the Super73-C1X. Production is set to kick off early next year, with the final price yet to be disclosed.

In summary, the Super73-C1X Electric Motorcycle is a bold step into the future of electric two-wheelers, marrying style, performance, and sustainability. As the electric motorcycle market continues to evolve, Super73 is poised to make a lasting impact with the C1X. Click here for more details.

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