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Extans Akhal Bike

The spectacular Akhal Bike by Extans showcases beautiful attainment, lovely style, and boasts quality light-weight materials and premium parts. With appearance nearer to a space vehicle than a typical terrestrial bicycle, the Akhal options a carbon monocoque frame, and also the CNC machined head, the gear hanger and seat clamp are all from one solid metallic element billet. The premium single-speed bike additionally comes with a cast carbon bike floor stand that’s a sculptural piece in its claim, that permits you to show the bike as a piece of art once not in use. Camp-made in England, there are solely 99 restricted editions of the black chrome-plated Shadow and also the bright chrome plated Shine obtainable. Extans additionally offers a made-to-order customization of the Akhal to permit the rider to co-create a happening piece that expresses their individuality.

EXTANS AKHAL official commercial
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