G-SHOCK GMW-B5000 Laser-Carved Grid

Casio G-Shock’s ability to recreate and reimagine its entire catalog of watches is unequaled, and there’s the face of it without stopping to the first ideas that the corporate will apply to its current lineup. This laser-carved GMW-B5000, to Illustrate, is another fascinating combat the Nineteen Eighties silhouette, paying respect (albeit, subtly) to Casio’s retro-futuristic roots.

GMW-B5000CS Promotion movie: CASIO G-SHOCK

The G-SHOCK GMW-B5000 Laser-Carved Grid watch may be a near-all-black example that garners its shadowy persona from distinctive particle plating — a bimetallic style material that additionally deviates from the original’s plastic end. however what makes the timekeeper stand out from its peers is the addition of a video game-inspired, laser-etched grid pattern on its exterior, referencing an affiliation between the past and future. to stay in line with its premium persona, the corporate has additionally added a multi-band half-dozen atomic activity, resin-based padding for exaggerated shock resistance, and difficult star, gifting the GMW-B5000 with off-grid charging capabilities. Bluetooth property additionally comes commonplace. Click here for more details.

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