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ERV Hyper Electric Camper Caravan

Australia-based Retreat Caravan and OzXcorp are offering campers the best of both worlds. Their ERV Hyper Electric Camper can carry out rugged off-road adventures while providing living space worthy of hotel accommodation. Even better, it runs entirely on electricity. The trailer’s roof solar panels can generate 2033 watts of electricity, can charge 14.3 kilowatt-hour lithium batteries, and power everything from lighting, televisions to refrigerators and washing machines. It can even continue to collect energy during your journey, and its thermal insulation effectively keeps the interior comfortable. The exterior is equipped with off-road suspension and all-terrain tires to cope with extreme destinations, while the interior’s sleek, modern finishes and impressive selection of amenities ensure that you will never get slapped. Click here for more details about ERV Hyper Electric Camper.

Caravan Camping Sales feat. ERV Hyper: The Caravan of the Future

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