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3T x BMW Exploro Bicycle

The name BMW is synonymous with luxury and high-performance cars, while 3T Bike is a relatively small company, even in the bicycle industry. However, although one manufactures the “ultimate driving machine” and the other manufactures some of the best performance bicycles, we believe that their new cooperation can establish a strong partnership. This comes in the form of the new 3T Exploro BMW Edition gravel bike, the same as the usual nines from BMW.

To be honest, cooperation between car manufacturers and bicycle manufacturers is not always fully effective. In most cases, the bicycles used for cooperation are not always that good, ranging from thoughtful ideas to poor taste. We think this is one of the best collaborations so far; a high-quality gravel bike, manufactured according to our wishes, and with the added value of this special edition bike.

The special feature of this 3T for BMW Exploro is the letter “3T for BMW” on the seat tube cluster, the iconic BMW circular logo on the top tube, and the unique blue and gray paint scheme . Click here for more details.


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