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Lotus Type 136 E-Bike: Revolutionizing Performance Cycling with Cutting-Edge Technology

Lotus, the iconic brand known for its groundbreaking innovations in the cycling world, has unveiled its latest marvel – the Lotus Type 136 E-Bike. This exceptional creation combines the brand’s rich legacy of cycling excellence with modern technology, redefining the standards of performance cycling.

Design and Engineering Excellence

Handmade in Italy, the Lotus Type 136 E-Bike features a lightweight carbon fiber frame, weighing just 9.8 kilograms. Its aerodynamic design, inspired by Lotus’ gold medal-winning success in Olympic velodromes, incorporates V-shaped handlebars, wing-shaped forks, and vaulted chain stays, ensuring optimal speed and efficiency. The bike’s Watt Assist Pro Motor system, derived from the Mars Lander Project, is the lightest e-bike motor available, weighing only 1.2kg and seamlessly integrating into the frame.

Innovative Features

One of the standout features of the Type 136 is its discreetly placed battery, cleverly disguised as a water bottle. This innovation not only enhances the bike’s aesthetics but also allows for easy detachment at the push of a button. Powered by a Watt Assist Pro Motor from HPS, the Lotus Type 136 E-Bike offers true dual-use functionality, enabling riders to cover more distance with ease.

Limited First Edition

In keeping with Lotus’ tradition of excellence, the Type 136 is available as an exclusive limited first edition production run of just 136 bikes. Each bike is individually numbered and adorned with a unique Lotus motorsport-inspired livery, paying homage to the brand’s heritage of pushing boundaries and achieving greatness.

Lotus Legacy and Future

Lotus, with its 75-year legacy, has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation in both the automotive and cycling worlds. The Lotus Type 136 E-Bike stands as a testament to Lotus’ pioneering spirit and commitment to excellence. With its launch alongside other all-electric models like Eletre, Emeya, and Evija, the Type 136 reaffirms Lotus’ position as a global leader in luxury performance and cutting-edge technology.

The Lotus Type 136 E-Bike is a game-changer, blending historic success with modern engineering marvels. As the standard model is set to hit the market in Spring 2024, cycling enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate a new era of high-performance cycling. Click here for more details.

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