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1st Mate Overboard Safety System

Falling is one of the most dangerous and life-threatening things that can happen at sea, especially when no one is paying attention. 1st Mate is a marine safety and security system designed to prevent this from happening. It uses a wearable bracelet to serve the captain and up to 7 passengers, and uses a central hub to connect to the ship’s propulsion system and uses a mobile application. If any passengers land on the ship, their bracelet will immerse them in the water and immediately send a distress signal to the hub. The captain will receive an alert and determine the passenger’s GPS location through the app. And if the captain falls on the ship, not only can an alarm be issued, but the engine can also be turned off because it is directly integrated with the ship’s propulsion system. The app will then provide passengers with instructions on how to restart the engine and reach the captain’s position. The app can also alert emergency contacts on land and has an anti-theft system that locks your engine to prevent unauthorized use. Click here for more info about 1st Mate Overboard Safety System

1st Mate Marine Safety & Security System

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