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P.50 Build-It-Yourself Kit Microcar

The P.50 first appeared in 1962 as the invention of the Peel Engineering Company based on the Isle of Man. Weighing only 300-pound (136 kilograms) with its fiberglass body and small 49cc engine, the P.50 microcar is advertised as the smallest car ever made.

If you love to use IKEA furniture and enjoy assembling your own household items, now it’s your car’s turn. You can build your own electric microcar by purchasing a P.50 kit. You can choose between an electric or a small 49cc fossil fuel option. In fact, more powerful engine options are also offered, but considering the purpose of use, it does not seem like it is necessary. Fiberglass body 4.5 feet (137 cm) long and 3.25 feet (99 cm) wide, with three wheels, suspension, and disc brakes. Optionally, various colors can be obtained with special paint and trim options.

The idea that one will use his own car by assembling it is really exciting. It’s mechanically simple, all parts and components are a manageable size and weight, even the engine! Build Time is roughly 50 hours.

Famous TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson drove a 1963 P50 through the BBC right up to his desk. Its fame & rarity mean cars often sell for over $170,000! Putting them out of reach of most car fans. Until now!

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P.50 Mk1 in Candy Apple Red made by

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