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Electric Motorcycle Conversion Kit For BMW R-Series

Electric vehicle conversions have become increasingly popular in recent years. When these changes are made in the hands of the master, it is possible to allow classic cars to use modern electric powertrains while retaining their distinctive, iconic, and retro looks. Although this trend has not yet caught on in the two-wheeler space, that seems to be changing with the launch of the all-new electric motorcycle conversion kit from Luuc Muis Creations for the BMW R Series.

Converted by LMC to run on electricity, this R Series retains the air cap’s chassis, tank, and boxer engine, but the fuel tank and engine block are completely emptied and then equipped with a modern battery pack and electric motor. Thus, the distinctive shape and protruding cylinder heads of the BMW engine were preserved. Sold as a kit, this electric motorcycle conversion kit comes equipped with a 4.3kW battery that provides a range of approximately 50 miles (80 km) per charge, but you can double or even triple the range with an optional larger battery pack.

The conversion includes more than just an electric powertrain addition. Numerous additional touches that result in a more modern look and contemporary performance capabilities are also not bypassed. It features a circular LED headlight, rear kits, a mono-shock conversion, a shortened and inverted front end complete with a dual disc brake setup, and a rimmed subframe.

You can visit their website to order one of LMC‘s BMW R Series Electric Motorcycle Conversion Kits or for pricing information. Although Luuc Muis Creations has chosen to release this conversion kit for an older BMW model, it says it will be compatible with the vast majority of motorcycles of similar design.


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