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Bouvet Supermarine MM01 Electric Jet Ski

From superyachts to supercars to private jumbo jets, there seems to be an absurdly fast and absurd luxury variant of every mode of transport. From now on, we can add personal watercraft to the list, thanks to the French company Bouvet, which produces the incredibly fast and stylish hyper jet ski called Supermarine.

The Supermarine MM01 is truly breathtaking both inside and out. It’s an exercise in wealth and limitless performance abilities, and we absolutely loved it. With a sleek and streamlined silhouette, the Supermarine looks like a futuristic watercraft straight out of a flashy sci-fi novel. Leaving aside the beauty, design, and engineering of this extraterrestrial sophisticated Bouvet Supermarine MM01, we see that high-end materials such as Kevlar carbon monocoque frame, replaceable leaf made of honeycomb carbon sandwich structure, titanium handlebars, and gas and brake pedals are used in its construction.

Powering this jet ski is a high-performance, liquid-cooled, all-electric motor that uses lithium-ion batteries and is inspired by the technologies used in Formula E. It takes only 50 minutes to charge and can produce 300 horsepower and 332lb-ft (450 Nm) of torque. Able to reach a top speed of 75mph (120kph) in this way, Supermarine also has a 110-liter front trunk for extra storage, a modular two-seater saddle with removable flaps, an ultra-sensitive navigation system, and a futuristic cockpit. The cockpit has been designed with programmable buttons in every aspect and a structure that will be ergonomic for the pilot.

Two versions of the Supermarine MM01, all hand-assembled, are available in France: the sleek “Black Edition” and the ultra-clean, all-white “Nacre” version. Only 15 Nacres will be produced. Bouvet has yet to reveal a release date or pricing information for Supermarine. Click here if you want more information.


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