Spyker CyberKAT RC Snowcat

With the effect of climate change, the winter season has started to be harsher for most parts of the world. For this reason, it seems that the task of cleaning the snow walls surrounding our homes will become more important in the next few years and we will need more serious helpers for this task. While many people choose to use a motorized snowblower to clear snowdrifts, these bulky machines still need your power to do their job properly. Whether you choose to clear snow with a machine or a shovel, the job can turn into something terribly tiring. Fortunately, Spyker Workshop has come up with a strong and determined robot named CyberKAT to save us from our winter troubles.

Blending the childlike urge to play with a robot with stylish design, modern software, and remote control, the geniuses at Spyker Workshop have created CyberKAT, an electric RC snowblower that you can use from the comfort of your home. The sharp-angled, silvery CyberKAT was clearly inspired by Tesla’s often-delayed Cybertruck, but unlike Cybertruck, CyberKAT is production-ready and here to help.

CyberKAT features a plasma cut 5052 Aluminum sheet frame, Delrin injection-molded tracks and wheels, custom PCB lighting, and aluminum transmission with High Speed ​​and High Torque modes. It can work with most 775 electric motor types and a wide range of battery options. Spyker Workshop has even begun developing a CyBlower that can be mounted on CyberKAT to act as a snowblower extension, transforming the project from a fun toy to a futuristic winter essential.

Distribution will start on January or February

You can also purchase CyberKAT without the necessary electronics to run it. Spyker Workshop also offers an optional electric KIT that includes the radio, ESCs, and motors, so you can start clearing the snow as soon as possible. Pricing for CyberKAT, which will begin distribution in January or February of 2022, starts at $1,299. Click here for more information.

Spyker Workshop - CyberKAT Reveal

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