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Cleo Dronut X1 Drone

Currently, the level of mastery reached in drone development activities has reached incredibly surprising levels. Despite being a relatively new form of technology, drones have quickly become ubiquitous around the world. It doesn’t seem like a day goes by without hearing about breakthrough innovation in the drone field. In this news, we introduce the Dronut X1, the world’s first dual-rotor drone, “designed to work in places where other robots cannot reach”, developed by Cleo Robotics, a Boston-based company.

Arguably the best-named drone on the market, besides that it’s definitely packed with technology and maneuverability the likes of which we’ve never really experienced. From a design standpoint, the lack of wings or rotor arms makes the Dronut X1 look like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. One of the most impressive innovations of the Dronut X1 features is the use of ducted fans, which allows people to fly comfortably close while viewing a landscape. Despite the Dronut X1‘s small size, its lack of exposed propellers and its composite material construction makes it sturdy and durable. In addition, its compact and rugged design and superior maneuverability make it the perfect solution for flight in GPS-rejected environments and in confined or hard-to-reach areas. From a technical standpoint, we see that the Dronut X1 is packed with capabilities to the brim. It includes a high-resolution 4K camera, 3D LiDAR, a global shutter camera for super-accurate positioning, LED lights for use in the dark, and an advanced computing platform. Essentially, this drone is one of the most advanced measurements and reconnaissance drones commercially available.

What’s even more impressive about the Dronut X1 is that it’s extremely user-friendly. It can be used with an Android Phone or even a Playstation controller. With a retail price of $9,800, it doesn’t come cheap, but if owning a real-life flying robot isn’t worth nearly ten thousand dollars, what is? You can place your orders for the Dronut X1 on the Cleo Robotics website.


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