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AOE Mobility AOE Bike

In May 2020, Spanish concept vehicle artist Iago Valiño unveiled a futuristic, sidecar motorcycle concept inspired by BMW Motorrad‘s Vision DC Roadster Concept and El Solitario MC‘s Desert Wolves lineup. Although Valiño‘s concept was only a render, the motorcycle was a huge hit with the public and received a tremendous amount of news.

Valiño‘s design seems to have caught the attention of Norwegian electric vehicle manufacturer AOE Mobility, which has since bought the rights to the design from Iago and now uses it to generate hype for their company on futuristic sidecar motorcycles before they go into production. Known as the “AOE Bike”, the electric motorcycle model now represents the Oslo-based team’s first short-term goal as the company aims to launch the motorcycle through low-volume production. AOE Mobility also aims to develop a second “encapsulated motorcycle POD” following the launch of the AOE Bike.

Pricing and official specifications have yet to be announced, although the company has announced plans to launch the launch model in the American, Chinese and European markets. It’s also still unclear what the final production version of the AOE Bike will look like and how much it will deviate from Valiño‘s original concept. If you want to get detailed information, click here, do not miss watching the promotional video.

Norway's new electric motorcycle | AOE Mobility

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