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Davinci DC100 Electric Motorcycle

Wait for it! The Davinci DC100 electric motorcycle has an electric motor that can produce a full 627 pound-feet (850Nm) of torque. This high-performance electric motorcycle also offers a range of 250 miles (400 km.) It is claimed that the Davinci DC100 will require 15 minutes of charging time to reach 85 percent battery capacity and only 30 minutes for a fully charged battery.

The DC100 is described by Davinci as a “two-wheeled robot” due to the large number of sensors aimed at maximizing rider safety. They say it has more than 1,000 computer chips and up to 200 sensors to monitor environmental information, the state of the motorcycle’s movement, the state of the roads, the temperature of the battery and engine, the angle of lean, traction control, ABS and ABS-related data, and other factors.

Judging by Davinci‘s statements, the DC100 models will feature a six-axis EMU to provide information about the direction of the motorcycle. Thus, with the help of Electric Power Steering, they will be able to balance themselves in the future. If this claim comes true, the motorcycle will be able to drive itself to a predefined destination specified by the driver. The fact that software updates can be downloaded wirelessly directly to the bike is also really great news. Don’t miss the video below, if you want to learn more about the Davinci DC100 electric motorcycle, click here.


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