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Volcon Runt Electric Trail Motorbike

At the end of last fall, a startup named Volcon in Texas launched its initial product: Grunt. It is designed as a practical, emission-free motorcycle with special off-road equipment, such as a thump board for protection, a thick rubber for grip, and an IP67 protection rating for fully waterproof riding-always powered by a full-electric power transmission system.

With the announcement of the aptly named “Runt”, Volcon applied its electric bike expertise to a small off-road vehicle. Although it may be prepared for children, this does not mean that its model is weak. Instead, it is powered by a 60V electric motor, which produces 60Nm of torque, has a top speed of 35mph, and a maximum range of 35 miles. If you want more juice, you can quickly change the battery while charging. But the best part is that with its innovative geofencing feature, Runt allows users to keep their children under surveillance while riding, from area restrictions to remote monitoring to tipping notifications provided through the accompanying app. You can get a deposit of $100 today, starting at $2,995, and it is scheduled to be delivered this summer. Click here for more details.

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