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Triumph All-Electric Motorcycles Project TE-1

As early as the spring of 2019, Triumph announced an ambitious multi-year plan to bring a cutting-edge all-electric motorcycle to the market, referred to as TE-1. Nearly two years later, Hinckley revealed the results of this collaboration through the debut of the TE-1 prototype electric powertrain system and accompanying chassis.

In addition to the University of Warwick and Integral Powertrain Ltd in the UK, the TE-1 project also received help from the Williams Advanced Engineering team, which used its expertise to help Triumph provide a bench-tested working prototype motor that can generate 130kW (180hp) of power, while the weight is only 22lbs (10kgs). This proprietary powertrain system uses a carbon fiber battery cover with a new and expandable integrated inverter. The inverter benefits from the use of silicon carbide switch technology and is installed in a specially developed battery and motor setup. In the rack. In addition, Triumph also revealed an early rendering of TE-1, which apparently comes from the Street and Speed ​​Triple models of the British brand. Triumph also aims to gradually develop a working prototype test module by the end of 2021. For more information, please click here.

Project Triumph TE-1 | Creating UK Electric Motorcycle Capability

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