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Hyundai IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup Car: Pioneering the Future of EV Racing

When Hyundai introduced the all-electric IONIQ 5 in 2021, it marked a significant step forward in the Korean carmaker’s commitment to sustainable mobility. However, what came as a surprise was the unveiling of a track-focused high-performance variant earlier this year – the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N. Boasting over 600 horsepower and a blistering 0-60mph time of just 3.25 seconds, it’s a testament to Hyundai‘s dedication to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle (EV) performance.

Taking this commitment even further, Hyundai has now leveraged the IONIQ 5 N as the foundation for a groundbreaking new racer – the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup Car. This marks the debut of Hyundai‘s first-ever N-spec EV in motorsports, signaling a new era for electric racing.

Power and Performance of eN1 Cup Car

Retaining much of the production IONIQ 5‘s 641-horsepower powertrain, the eN1 Cup Car receives enhancements such as a new battery thermal management system and an 84.0-kWh battery paired with a silicon carbide two-stage inverter. This setup allows for rapid charging speeds of up to 350kW, ensuring minimal downtime between races. Additionally, the car features upgraded brakes, suspension, and racing slicks to handle the increased performance demands on the track.

Aerodynamic Excellence

The eN1 Cup Car‘s custom body and aero kits are perhaps its most striking feature. With flared fenders, a large rear wing, and a redesigned front lip, the car boasts enhanced downforce and improved aerodynamics, enabling greater stability and cornering prowess at high speeds.

Safety First

In adherence to FIA regulations, the interior of the eN1 Cup Car is fortified with a multipoint welded roll cage and racing bucket seats equipped with six-point harnesses. Special safety measures, including high-voltage shutoff devices and fire extinguishers tailored for electrical fires, ensure the utmost safety for drivers competing in this electrifying new class of racing.

The Road Ahead

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup Car is set to make its competitive debut at the Inje Speedium race circuit in Korea on April 27, marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter in EV racing. With its innovative technology, exhilarating performance, and commitment to sustainability, Hyundai is poised to lead the charge in shaping the future of motorsports. Visit the Hyundai website for more details.

IONIQ 5 N eN1 Cup car Performance Film
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