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BMW K100 Projekt K Motorcycle By Spitfire Speed Shop

With its 987cc motor 137 mph top speed, the BMW K100 is an incredible, elite bike in its own right. It caused a ripple effect for the close to decade it was underway, yet in case we’re as a rule totally legitimate, the genuine inheritance of this bicycle is as a base for crazy forms. This carries us to the Spitfire Speed Shop BMW K100 Projekt K Motorcycle you see here. Firecracker Speed Shop’s Projekt K is a client construct that began with a full teardown of a BMW K100. At that point the group included the front end from a Yamaha GSXR1000, twin plate Tokico brakes, new subframe, custom tail, and precious stone sewed seat, little carb arrangement, and, well, the rundown of different changes goes on, and on, and on. On the off chance that this bicycle didn’t have BMW badging, we don’t know you’d ever have the option to perceive the first base bicycle since it would seem that something totally new.


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