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McLaren 720S GT3X Track Car

McLaren’s 720S GT3 is specially designed to participate in the world-recognized racing series under strict rules. Now, McLaren is offering a fully released track-only version of the 720S GT3, the 720S GT3X. The power of the twin-turbocharged V8 is 197 horsepower higher than that of the GT3, and the new push-in system can increase 30 horsepower. The chassis weighs more than 440 pounds-goodbye air conditioning and audio-and the curb weight is only 2,668 pounds. The carbon fiber Monocell II structure is fixed with two FIA-approved racing seats, and the pedals and steering wheel can be adjusted according to the driver’s situation. The complete roll cage, aviation kit, and Pirelli racing oil make the 720S GT3X one of the strongest rail cars you can buy. Each is made to order through certain McLaren global distributors. Click here for more details.


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