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Sondors Metacycle Electric Motorcycle

SONDORS, a California-based electric bike manufacturer, has released its first-ever electric motorcycle, the SONDORS Metacycle, which has already created a buzz in the electric vehicle market. This motorcycle is designed to be accessible, efficient, and affordable, with a starting price of just $5,000.

One of the unique features of the SONDORS Metacycle is its 4 kWh battery, which can be pulled out of the bike for hot-swapping or charging indoors. With a 110V electric source, the battery can be charged in just 4 hours. The bike also has a place for your phone to charge with QI wireless charging, allowing you to easily access your maps or other apps while on the go.

The SONDORS Metacycle has a 4000-watt-hour 72-volt battery, providing a real-world range of 60 miles and up to 80 miles under ideal conditions. It is designed for urban commuting, making it an excellent choice for the average American’s 16-mile daily commute.

The bike’s design is also notable, with no shifting, clutching, or uncomfortable seats. It has a sleek and modern look, with a frame optimized for maneuverability and handling. The SONDORS Metacycle is designed to be an easy and fun solution for people who want to enjoy getting on the road every day.

The bike has a top speed of 80mph where permitted, making it an excellent choice for cruising around the city or up and down the coastline. With a starting price of $5,000, the SONDORS Metacycle is an economical price-to-performance sweet spot, making it an excellent choice for those who want to transition to electric motorcycles without breaking the bank.

Overall, the SONDORS Metacycle is an excellent example of how electric motorcycle designers can play with traditional motorcycle design without the limitations of designing around old-fashioned engines and fuel tanks. It is an exciting and accessible option for those looking to transition to electric vehicles and explore the world on two wheels. Click here for more details.

Sondors Metacycle Specifications

Range: Offers up to 80 miles on a single charge

Power: 8 kW (11hp) nominal, 14.5 kW (20hp) peak

Motor: PMAC Hub Motor (Permanent Magnet, Alternating Current)

Battery: 4 kW Hours (4000 Watt Hours)

Tires: Kenda Tires – 150/60 R17 Rear, 110/70 R17 Front

Top Speed: 80 MPH (130 kph)

Battery Type: Lithium-ion

Torque: 80 ft-lbs. nominal, 130 ft-lbs. peak

Frame: Cast Aluminum

Calculated Motor Torque at Wheel: Up to 130 ft-lbs

Front Brake: Single disc, hand actuated

Wheelbase: 52 inches

Rear Brake: Single disc, hand actuated

Seat Height: 31.5″

Curb Weight: ~300 lbs.

Charger: Standard 110v AC charger (included) – Optional Level 2 charger (accessory)


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