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Intelino Smart Train Set

Intelino raises the bar for the classic toy train to deliver an interactive and intelligent experience. The smart train has built-in robotics that creates a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) experience suitable for all ages. With four modes, it can be used off-screen for haptic coding with colored parts, or connected to a companion app to support block-based programming using Scratch, an app-based command editor, or multi-train interactive programming with Python. The Intelino Smart Train Set contains the parts needed to build two train cars and a track. Of course, you can also use traditional wooden rails. Click here for detailed information and purchasing.

What’s in the box of Intelino?

  • 1 J-1 smart engine,
  • 1 J-1 wagon,
  • 20 tracks,
  • 40 color snaps, train decal sheet,
  • USB charging cable.
Controlling intelino Smart Train with Action Snaps

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