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Lazzarini Air Yacht Consept

Yacht design is a fascinating and awe-inspiring field. Due to the almost unlimited resources of their clients, designers working in this field are empowered to use all their creative minds to design vessels that challenge the imagination and push the limits. It’s not unusual to see a unique and wonderfully designed yacht, but yachts very rarely do mind-blowing things like flying. This is exactly what the staff at Lazzarini Design Studio thought when designing the concept of a flying catamaran that would blow your mind, creating the Air Yacht.

This 150m concept is part superyacht, part blimp, and all sorts of wonders. Thanks to its hybrid design, which fuses the designs of a catamaran and a blimp, it moves through the air just as it floats in the sea, leaving their mouths open. Considering the fact that it is a flying machine, it is not surprising that more carbon fiber was used in its construction.

Although the Air Yacht is a concept vehicle, Lazzarini is sure to find millionaires lining up to buy it. From an aesthetic standpoint, Air Yacht seems to come from the coolest family at The Jetsons. A stunning yacht with smooth curvature, center deck, 360-degree view deck, and solar panels mounted on twin helium balloons. If you are a multi-millionaire, there will be no limits to your requests. Therefore, even a helipad was added to this concept.

Lazzarini plans to fly the Air Yacht at 60 knots (69mph/111kph) for approximately 48 hours, perfect for a leisurely flight. Billionaires may also want this magnificent yacht to cruise on water at around 5 knots.

If you want more information, visit Lazzarini’s website.


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