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Horizon Yachts FD90

Horizon Yachts has delivered one stunning yacht after another over the past few years. Their latest products are state-of-the-art works of art. With the launch of the FD90, the newest in the FD series, sailors will feel right at home, in their smart home.

Although this four-cabin yacht is smaller compared to other yachts you can find on the internet, it actually offers much more than meets the eye. On the lower deck is a convertible beach club, while on the upper deck there is a fully equipped beach club with an excellent bar and entertainment center. It also features a convertible coffee table elegantly embellished with bronze strips to further accentuate the equally striking Art Deco-inspired interior. Once you enter the main hall, floor-to-ceiling windows and sprawling accents of satin walnut, black lacquer, and black glass greet you. A little further on, you see a pair of glass sliding doors that lead you to the dining area.

All that aside, what really stands out about Horizon‘s latest build, the FD90, is the Jung implementation that gives you the opportunity to control the temperature, lighting, and even entertainment systems from your smartphone. Another interesting smart element that the FD90 has is the master cabin’s full-height smart glass wall, which can provide privacy if desired.

With the acceleration of smart home appliance technologies to make housework faster and effortless, adding such features to a yacht will make life at sea even easier. With this new use of technology, it’s only a matter of time before different yacht builders benefit from similar features. For more information on Horizon‘s stunning FD90 yacht, click here.

Cruising Aboard the New Horizon FD90

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