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Sunreef 140 Super Catamaran

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to delude yourself into shopping for things that are astronomically over your budget. The thought of being a billionaire playboy with an endless shopping budget, whether it’s private jets, private islands, or hundred-million-dollar mega-mansions, makes us happy. That’s why it’s so fun to read about superyachts, a product so extravagant that it makes ordinary yachts look vulgar. For today’s “billionaire wish list” episode, we’re looking at the gorgeous, ultra-luxury Sunreef 140.

Part of the Polish-based shipyard’s sailing yacht series, the Sunreef 140 is an entirely new “sailing super catamaran”. A fully customizable superyacht with enormous living space for carbon-conscious billionaires, aft cockpit design and optional Eco version, and the shipyard’s proprietary solar power system. Simply, it is pretty stunning. The combination of straight lines and graceful curves results in a beautiful and modern aesthetic, while its 140-foot (42 meters) length gives it the spaciousness and comfort of a superyacht.

Everything for more fun

Sunreef 140 is equipped with relaxation, a dining area, and a large private beach to provide an unmatched level of comfort while sailing on the open sea. Also, one of the notable features of this watercraft is its ability to lower the aft platform and bi-fold railing deck to create a beach club area where passengers can play water sports or relax a bit more. The fully customizable beach club is designed to be linked to a gym with stunning ocean views, as well as a storage room for diving gear and water toys.

No price information yet for Sunreef 140

Sunreef 140 features staterooms for up to 12 guests and a magnificent suite with panoramic views, a bow terrace lounging area, and private access to the spa pool. Sunreef has yet to release pricing information for the 140, but you can find more information on the company’s website.


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