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Radinn X-Sport Jetboard

Sweden is home to a variety of museums, some very interesting, eclectic architectural landmarks, and unique cuisine. While these are all very notable considerations, Radinn plans to become Sweden’s new label as a Malmö-based company that takes things to new extremes. Having launched a pair of impressive jetboards in the past, the brand’s new X-Sport looks like the newest, best, and most importantly the sportiest of all yet.

The X-Sport is incredibly flexible as a result of its lightweight fiberglass reinforcement and ASA polymer exterior and will serve as the most durable model Radinn has ever developed. It measures approximately 6’2” (188cm) and weighs over 100 pounds (45kg). There’s no excuse for the technology powering this stylish jetboard to fail to boast such a reasonably sized jetboard.

While it’s pretty impressive on the portability side, there’s more to write about Radinn‘s other features. Powered by the brand’s Jetpack G3 engine, the standard-equipped version of X-Sport can go up to 27mph (43kph), while the reinforced version has a top speed of just over 34.5mph (55kph). Plus, with an improved battery life of up to half an hour in the entry-level package, the fun doesn’t have to end as quickly as you might expect.

Jetboards, which can be purchased with standard or pro options through Radinn, allow you to join your adventure in any way you can imagine. With prices starting at $9,345 for the standard X-Sport line, no matter which package you choose, the excitement will never stop. Click here for detailed information.


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