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Zendure SuperBase V Home Energy System

Taking crowdfunding platform Kickstarter by storm (raising almost $5 million!), the Zendure SuperBase V is the biggest and most powerful portable battery ever. This world’s first plug-and-play home power system uses a 6.4 to 64kwh semi-solid-state battery along with an industry-first built-in 120V/240V dual voltage output. This makes it a simple and stress-free way to provide a home with all-green energy or, better yet, power a home in an emergency. Connect it to your home’s electrical system and wait for instant backup activation in the event of a power outage. Neither you nor your sensitive electronic devices will even be aware of this transition.

With multiple ports and sockets capable of accommodating both 120V and 240V output simultaneously, SuperBase V can deliver 3,800W of power for a variety of devices. If that’s not enough, you can add a 6.4kWh Satellite Battery to double its capacity and simply expand its capacity. If that’s still not enough, you also have the possibility to connect two main units and up to eight Satellite Batteries for 64 kWh capacity and 7,600 W power. The charging speed with a regular AC outlet is also quite impressive. Isn’t it great that you can fully charge the SuperBase V in about two hours?

The environmentally friendly SuperBase V produces no harmful emissions and can be used with solar energy. Although originally designed as an emergency backup power unit for the home, everything has been thought of so that you can use it comfortably in places such as your caravan, boat, campsite, outdoor activities, your small home away from the city, and not connected to the grid.

If you would like to learn more about the Zendure SuperBase V portable home power system, click here. Do not miss watching the video below.

SuperBase V: First Plug-and-Play Home Energy Storage System
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