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Wind Catcher Portable Power Generating Turbine

Although wind energy currently accounts for more than three and a half times the total energy of solar energy, in spite of this, wind turbines still cannot catch up with the same level of mobile and household use as solar panels, although they are lighter and more efficient in collecting energy. Recognizing this difference, the Danish company KiteX has launched a travel-friendly wind generator called Wind Catcher, which can generate up to 600W of energy and can be used anywhere.

This IP54 rated turbine weighs only 22 pounds and can be installed by one person in just 15 minutes. Paired with an included 3.5kW PM BLDC generator, the turbine itself consists of three 13.1-inch glass fiber and carbon fiber rotors with steel hardware and bearings and is connected to the glass by Dyneema reinforced nylon cords and wires Fiber and thermoplastic polyester tower. Wind Catcher with a speed of up to 140RPM has two versions, one is a light-duty version with a rated power of 200W and a rated power of 19.8 – 22.8V, and the other is a conventional Wind Catcher with a rated power of 600W and 42.0 – 45.6V. The Solborg-based startup is currently offering these two Wind Catcher models through a Kickstarter event, which has exceeded its fundraising goal, has been more than 17 days at the time of the event (as of this writing), and the starting price is about 1,180 US dollars. Click here for more details.


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