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Phractyl Macrobat eNVTOL

For years we have dreamed of seeing flying cars around us. Seeing many concept studies that will make up for these dreams nowadays manages to give us some hope and increases our excitement. Many flawless concept designs can be found in almost every corner of the world. Now, Phractyl, a South African-based startup, reveals a new perspective with the Macrobat concept it has developed.

Almost vertical

Defined as an ‘eNVTOL’ by the African startup, Macrobat‘s wing design limits its ability to take off vertically. Instead, it can land/take off in a much safer way, equally interesting, and in a position very close to vertical take-off (hence the added ‘N‘, short for ‘nearly’ vertical take-off and landing).

With a design that engineers call an “organic shape,” Macrobat literally resembles a bird in every way. Let’s not forget that the Phractyl Macrobat design is completely inspired by nature, as well as the concept aims to reduce global carbon emissions and is equipped with all-electric propulsion technology.

You will be able to use Macrobat for cargo and human transportation purposes, by using it personally, by remote command, or by creating an automatic route.

No other bird like this

With 112mph (180km/h) top speed and 93miles (150km) range, there is absolutely no other bird that manages to go south so fast for the winter. If you want to learn more about Macrobat, which makes us feel better with its design different from standard eVTOLs, you can visit Phractyl‘s website.

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