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Posterity Superyacht Concept

Jay Aberdoni now sets out on his own after proving himself with the designs he made under Alberto Mancini Yacht Design. The Posterity Superyacht Concept, which he presented as his first solo yacht design, is truly magnificent. This 233-foot (72-meter) yacht has a minimalist exterior with clean lines and an elegant profile. The interior, which prefers minimal partitions, large windows, and a neutral palette, also has aerodynamic lines.

A lounge and dining area on the main deck open onto a library surrounded by a curved glass wall, while a gym, sauna, and garage occupy the lower deck. The highlight of this luxury yacht is the suite room that will be used by the owners. The room, surrounded by openable glass walls, extends towards the bridge. Posterity Superyacht Concept is completed by adding an infinity pool located on the upper deck and an additional sunbathing pool. We recommend that you do not pass without reviewing the images of this wonderful yacht. If you want to know more about Jay Aberdoni, click here.


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